i've been asked a few times by podcasts and bloggers about advertising.  the offer i've thrown out there is this: if you're an online media person willing to promote the site to your audience, i will provide you with a 10% discount code (like your name or a funny inside joke. whatever you want it to be.) and for every 10 times that discount code is used, i'll give you $5 or send a shirt to you or whoever you want in the united states.  if you want a shirt with your one color custom logo on it, i'll do that or one i have in the shop.  obviously, the shirt is a better value...but you can just take the $5 too if that's what you want to do.  if interested, use the contact form (top right) and i'll set you up. i have a 30 second commercial you can use or use your own with your promo code. banner ads coming soon.

if you want shirts for your podcast or blog (or whatever) check out our "custom orders" page.